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十二月 17, 2007

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Make Love, Not War @ Camp Okutta

十一月 20, 2007

Shocking! Just saw this on TV, and it’s really shocking!

The Camp Okutta campaign was designed to draw attention to the issue of child soldiers, by bringing the problem home to North America. Camp Okutta was a fictitious summer camp for ‘kids aged 8-12’. Instead of the usual camp activities, children were made to fire AK47s, throw grenades and walk through minefields – activities more commonly associated with the experiences of child soldiers.

when I was watch it on TV, even thought I know it’s not real, it still gave me such a shock, because I know there are some place on earth right now, this is really happening.
If you click into the Camp Okutta web site, there is a flash game(?) in there to show you more about this horrible summer camp. Beware of the picutres / video or text inside, if you don’t like what you see, leave the site and go to WarChild.ca and see what you can do to help.
I know it’s just a campaign by a organization in Canada, but I do believe that everyone in this world should realize this is a problem in our world now, and we should do something to stop this from happening.

[TV] Property Virgins

三月 25, 2007

I was just watching HDTV on sunday afternoon, came across this show, Property Virgins.

This week’s show is like really showing me, how “naive" people are. They expect they can just spent $200,000.00 and get a great house? Hmm… with the market these days, a decent home would cost over $300,000.00 easily. And this guy owns a nice motorcycle, which is of course on debt. Two of them have huge debt, but the guy wouldn’t sacrifice anything. I mean, if you want to keep your lovely bike, you just have to realize that you can’t really get a huge house!

After showing them two beautiful house, which in my mind, I would have bought it and flip it, but that’s another show. You know what the guy likes to complain? The house has finished basement. OH MY GOSH! Simply to finish a basement would cost over $30,000.00. The other problem he has with the house is that some of the space is over the garage! If you don’t want any space over the garage, then I can tell you for sure that you wouldn’t have any really usable space in the $200,000.00 house.

Of course, in the end they found a really nice house for just $265,000.00. I would say that’s a bargain in today’s market. Don’t really know how fast east this place is in the city, it could be even out of the city! But again, $265,000.00?! This is very good. May be I should switch house again, with three extra bed room, four if count in the one my sister would use whenever she is in town. But again, that would be a topic for another show…

[Blog] Spring Update

三月 25, 2007

Spring time is here~
Spring, Quote from Wikipedia

Springtime is seen as a time of growth, renewal, of new life (both plant and animal) being born, and of the cycle of life once again starting.

As being said, it’s really time for me to update this blog. Afterall, I haven’t updated it ever since I got my Wii. And I just focus on my chinese blog, I have completely forgot about this blog.

I should start to write something specially for this english blog. But what should I write? I have no idea. Oh well, may be I should start with saying thanks to Ramani’s Post on 3-column templates for Blogger Beta

Updated this blog’s template and made it into a 3 column style blog. Kinda first step to have new life?

[NOTE] Hi~ Do You Speak Chinese?

十二月 12, 2006

Since the purchase of Wii, (yes, I got one, and I’ll post the details later~) I found that I’m too lazy (I know, I’m always lazy) to update this blog. I can’t tell how many people are actually reading this blog. That single person who subscribed to this blog was myself, I use it to display a link on my other website. And I guess only a few people I know actually knows about this blog, and it seems to be quite hard for me to find any interesting blog in english for me to link to this place. So I guess the future of this blog is not too well, but I won’t “kill" it, I do want to improve my english writing skills. (I know I need to improve on the whole english skill thing.)
Anyway, if you speak Chinese, or you can read Chinese, please leave me a note. And / or if you are interested in viewing my Chinese blog, leave me a note. (Probably you have already found out my Chinese blog, and you just haven’t leave me a comment on any of the post I had over there.)
I will continue to update this blog, but with Wii, and possibly a NDSL coming soon, I don’t think I will have much time to update even one blog. Please don’t expect me to update this blog too often. I’m just trying to translate the same post that is already existed in my Chinese blog, and may be create a few English only blog-post. Hopefully it will keep this blog going.
Even just a little word “read" in the comment would be nice, at least that will give me an idea that someone actually read this blog and not just someone that “clicks-in, and clicks-out". Thanks~

– Anyone getting a Wii? My Wii # 4079 0967 8396 1955. Please add me~
– Still a few more chance for getting a Wii before X’mas.
– Would you like to play? Yes, Wii would like to play~

[Shopaholic] Coloured Eye Glasses

十二月 7, 2006

ProDesign 4611 c 6532
Grey, with White trim on the back side of the frame and ear piece.
ProDesign 4611 c 6032
All Black.
ProDesign 4611 c 5032

What do you think? Which one you think is the best?

Brand: ProDesign (Denmark)
Style: #4611

– Korean BBQ and Stone bowl rice (dolsot bibimbap) for lunch, and Chinese Hotpot for dinner?!
– No wonder high fever strikes on sunday night.
– Wii on sale again tomorrow! Line up at 4am?!

[FOOD] Raw Milk. Dangerous?!

十二月 1, 2006

Well, since when did we stop to consume “Raw Milk"? As far as I know, when I was young, all Milk are the same, they are all fresh from the milk cow. Of course some of them did went through some kind of manufacturing process. But the most attractive selling point was “FRESH", bottled the same day, actually the morning before it arrived at your door step.
Now, every brand is saying how “clean" they are, how many cleaning or special sanitizing procedure the milk went through. The milk you can from grocery store are all been treated, most of them were being heated to at least 60o Celsius and some keep at the “cooking" temperature for as long as 30 minutes. So the Milk is really “Clean" now, but it would taste like water (no flavour), and with a weird taste to it. Some would say that’s a burnt taste cause by the “cooking" of the Milk.

That’s just what I think, you can read the links here and see for yourself.

Got Milk? Make Sure It’s Pasteurized – FDA magazine 2004
A Campaign for Real Milk
Raw Milk in Wikipedia
Pasteurization in Wikipedia
The Real Reasons Why Raw Milk is Becoming More Popular
Why Raw Milk Should Be Avoided
Finally! Raw Milk Information You Can Trust!
Organic Pastures

I don’t know the whole truth behind this Milk business, I try to drink as little milk as possible, unless I’m sure about this “RAW MILK". But as I heard from someone before, which I found so true:
“Cow’s Milk are suppose to be drink by young calves. It’s not for human to consume it!"

– XXX’s Milk should be consumed by young XXX, not for YYY (at any age) to consume it! YYY should go drink milk from the “milk-able" species in YYY’s group. If the whole YYY species doesn’t produce any milk, then milk isn’t a choice for YYY.
– Yup, you guessed it, YYY can be Human.
– Wii doesn’t have normal DVD function, so it can’t play DVD movies. I just realized that could be another “safety" feature to protect Wii from any illegal copies. Hmm…
– PS3 uses Blu-ray Disc. I just read the flyers today and found out that a LG Blu-ray Disc burner is selling for just $749.99. So the day of safely copying your legal copy isn’t too far away. Hmm…
– Fujifilm Natura Black F1.9
– Is anyone going to Japan any time soon?!
– Taiwan works too.
– Konica Wai Wai, it’s so hard to find.
– Camera is much harder to find than a Wii or PS3.

[GAME] Wii review – part 1

十一月 29, 2006

Must Get Wii…

The First game Wii reviewed is the bundled with console game – Wii Sport.

In Wii Sports, there are total of 5 games: Tennis, Bowling, Boxing, Golf and Baseball. We will start with Tennis. In the game of Tennis, Wii will use the Wii-Remote as the game controller.
Wii-Remote. Some call it the “Wiimote".

To use the Wiimote in Tennis is very simple, just hold the Wiimote as you would hold a Tennis racquet. Holding the Wiimote and move it upward as you would throw the ball up into air (of course you have to be the server!), and make the motion of hitting the ball using the Wiimote to serve. After that, play the game as if you are really holding a real racquet, but you don’t need to run, the character in the game will do the running by itself. (or you can control it somehow? we haven’t tested that.)
At the beginning, no one really knows how to serve, run, hit the ball and kept it within the court. (We usually ends the game within a few hits of the ball.) But as soon as we finished a few games, some of us actually served an ACE, and some does a few powerful end-to-end strokes.

After Tennis, we move on to another game – Bowling.

Since the console only comes with one set of controller, and as of this post the Wiimote is still in shortage, We only have 2 Wiimote at the time of this review. Unlike Tennis, in Bowling you can take turns in playing, so we can have 4 player with just 2 Wiimote.
Recently, rumors and/or unconfirmed videos are out there on many website saying while playing the Wii Bowling, the string connecting the hand strap and Wiimote would break. And it would slip off the player’s hand, causing the Wiimote flying toward the TV unit and breaking the TV screen.
In most cases the victim is the LCD/Plasma TV, and the “killer" are some young child. During our review, we reminded ourselves over and over, and we secured the hand strap before we start the game, making sure we won’t make the Wiimote a flying rocket targeting the TV.
After a few games of Wii Bowling, and carefully watching few others playing the game, I have come to a conclusion (my personal opinion): While it’s not impossible for the string between Wiimote and the hand strap to break, but for wear and tear, it wouldn’t happen in just a few days after the system was sold. The breaking point of the string shown in some website are simply not reasonable. I don’t have any scientific test to prove or disprove anything, but I have never witness any incident of Wiimote slipping out of anyone’s hand during game play. I don’t think Wiimote has any problem under normal use.

Anyway~ back to our topic, Wii Bowling. After selecting players, game start without the need of choosing your bowling ball. (May be there is an option to select ball weight? We didn’t check that.) Using the directional key, you can move the character sideways. Press A button, and you can change the angle the character is facing the bowling alley. After that, all you have to do is to make the motion of rolling the ball while holding on to the Wiimote and pressing the B button. Release the B button as if you would release the ball, and Wii will take care of the rest.
This is where most people would (I suspect) release the whole Wiimote and “killing" the TV. But according to our test, most people actually forgot to release the B button, (and held on to the Wiimote really tight!) which Wii will stop and let you try again. After a few strikes and splits, scoring 132 or 142?
Anyway, if you happen to getting the ball onto other people’s alley, you will lose your turn. (How to do it? Move your character to the most left/right, then turn your character 45o to the left/right, and release the ball.) What’s the fun/benefit of doing that? I don’t know, but sure it’s funny when we does that. (Everyone laughed!) Oh yeah, you can also throw the ball backward, it will shock all the NPC sitting behind the player~ Hahaha~

(To Be Continue~)

– December 8th, Bestbuy will have another shipment.
– Across Canada, retailers are receiving new shipment mid-week every week till X’mas.
– The sales of LCD/Plasma will rise for sure.
– Took me 3 hours to wrote this.

[Blog] Direction – Redirecting East to West

十一月 28, 2006

Suddenly this idea appears in my mind. Don’t know if anyone would actually be interested in reading it. But anyway, Here goes:

This blog will try it’s best to report anything from the east side of this world. Of course it will stay with in the four most important things in life: eat, drink, play and having fun!
Currently in works are Asian Movie preview/review/discussion (p/r/d below), Japanese Anime p/r/d, Asian Music p/r/d, Asian Food (snack/meal/related news) report/recipe, Asian Game (G rated/Hentai?!) news/report/p/r/d, and many many more~
Hopefully it will be your #1 blog for sources about any of the Asian related material mentioned above (or some not mentioned too~).

With that being said, I guess I should start on working on collecting, watching, and writing anything asian. (am I just giving myself some more excuse to buy more HD, DVDs, Wii, PS3…???)

– 3rd post of the day.
– I should get myself a new desk~
– cleaning up the old isn’t a bad idea. Orz

[Blog] Wizard? Blog Setup for Dummies?

十一月 28, 2006

Oh well, as anyone can see, I did the switch now. (Although it doesn’t have much changes on the whole blog yet.) Anyway, the changes should come in soon, because I really can’t stand the way this blog looks right now.

WHAT? There isn’t a step-by-step wizard to setup the template of this blog?!

This problem exists when I was starting the “Testing Ground", but I guess I was blinded by the things happened at work or just that I totally forgot(?!). First of all, the list of template was not enough! or the idea of having only a few ugly not so pretty template was to encourage you to change it and make your own template?! I don’t know, don’t ask me.

I guess if I take anyone of these “template" from the list and delete all the settings there and put in my set of codes, it should be count as copying the original or altering the original work? Right? OK…I know you would say don’t ask you.

oh well.

– need some positive energy.
– may be I should go away.